Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

  1. Upgrade my living conditions
  2. Accumulate $7,000 in savings
  3. Throw 5 swim team parties at new place

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jim said...

My resolution is to become less obsessive-compulsive about my bicycle riding. I find myself looking at the odometer and seeing I have completed, say, 34.7 miles for the day, so I ride up and down the street until it's 35 miles...

Even worse is looking at my average speed for the month. If I start the month at 14.2 miles per hour average, the next day I work harder to make my average speed for the month 14.3 miles per hour. Well, that doesn't sound like a whole lot, but it actually means that if the mileage for day one and day two is the same, I have to ride at 14.4 mph average on day two, to get the month's average up to 14.3 mph. So, after a week or two, I am killing myself on the bicycle to get my average to increase each day. Luckily, after about 400 miles, the Average Speed indicator Errors itself, so I don't have to worry anymore.... But those first couple of weeks are killers! Does this make sense?

So, anyway, I want to enjoy my riding more, so my obsessive-compulsive behavior needs to stop!