Thursday, December 18, 2008


The following people have been blacklisted for their bigotted stance on issues of equality:
  1. Thomas S. Monson (Leader of the Mormon Church)
  2. Rick Warren (Evangelical Minister)
  3. George Niederauer (San Francisco Catholic Archbishop)
  4. Celestino Migliore (Catholic Archbishop)
  5. William Donahue (President of the Catholic League)
  6. James Dobson (Founder of Focus on the Family)
  7. Fred Phelps (Westboro Baptist Paster)
  8. Pat Robertson (Televangelist)
  9. Dallin H. Oaks (Mormon Leader)
  10. Lance B. Wickman (Mormon Leader)
  11. Rush Limbaugh (American Radio Host)
  12. George W. Bush (Former President of the US)
  13. Dick Cheney (Former Vice President of the US)
  14. Rick Santorum (Former US Senator)
  15. Patrick Walker (Pastor of the Macedonia Baptist Church in Southeast Washington)
  16. Elaine Donnelly (Crusader against gays in the military)
  17. Army Sgt. Maj. Brian Jones (Army leader against gays in the military)
  18. Steven Anderson (Fundamental Baptist Church Pastor in Tempe, Arizona)
  19. Richard J. Malone (Bishop of Portland, OR)
  20. Scott Lively (President of Abiding Truth Ministries)
  21. John Hagee (Senior pastor of Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas)
  22. Ted Haggard (American Evangelical Preacher)
Let me know about others that need to be added...I know there are lots more. I'd like to include those who are against civil rights in general...not just anti-gay persons/organizations.


jim said...

You might want to include William Donahue, president of the "Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights," usually referred to as the Catholic League.

He isn't so much known for his anti-gay stance as much as his advocacy against things like movies that seem anti-Catholic to him, South Park (they got back at him with their Easter Bunny episode), Rosie O'Donnell, and The View. He takes a strict Roman Catholic view on issues, even defending Pope Pius XII for his silence during the holocaust.

Think of him as the Mel Gibson of the advocacy set.

jim said...

And of course there is James Dobson of "Focus on the Family." His anti-gay views (Love Won Out, anyone?) are well known, even to the point of standing up loud and strong against mere tolerance. He's been described as the most powerful person in the evangelical movement.

And of course he's against abortion. He also believes a woman's place is in the home, not in the workforce. He even wrote earlier this year that an Obama presidency would force teaching homosexuality in schools, an end to the Boy Scouts, an end to home schooling, pornography on daytime and prime-time television, and more. He supports "intelligent design."