Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Mission Call: 10 years since

Today marks the 10-year anniversary since I received my mission call to Hokkaido, Japan. My mission call was the first link in the chain of events over the next 2+ years that lead me down the road less traveled by...and that has made all the difference.


jim said...

And if you had gone down that other path, and continued as an active, participating member of the church, what would your life be today? It's an interesting idea; it's fun to postulate on how things would be if we hadn't made momentous decisions.

Jacobenz said...

In a way, "All roads lead to Rome". I always would have ended up the same person, but the mission road got me there at highway speed.

jim said...

Whew.... I was trying to picture Jacob, his petit blonde wife at home baking cookies, and 4 rosy-cheeked children (of course, two boys and two girls).

BTW, happy anniversary.